Concert Review: Dizzy @ DC9 (3/15/19)

Dizzy (Photo from FB @wearedizzy)

Did you sway with Dizzy?

As the press of bodies squeezed towards the DC9 stage for the sold out Tokyo Police Club show, many (if not most) of the fans had arrived early to swim in the shimmering dream pop that is Dizzy.

They kicked off with “Swim”, a song from their first EP, a dream-like pop song that first cemented my interest in this Canadian band. Back in 2017, I had the chance to catch their excellent opening set at the Rock and Roll Hotel (read that Review), opening that time for local legends SHAED.

Next came “Arcadia”, the bonus track off their debut album, Baby Teeth, which came out last August. It’s a hauntingly beautiful song, pulsing with gentle reverb, giving Katie Munshaw (lead vocals), the chance to weave a poetic journey, swaying and swirling her arms and hands in a dance, caught up in the emotion of the lyrics.

Dizzy is from Ontario (outside of Toronto) and consists of three brothers and their friend Katie. The brothers are Alex Spencer (guitar), Mackenzie Spencer (bass) and Charlie Spencer (drums and synthesizer).

Another favorite of mine from their early songs, that made the new album, is “Stars and Moons”, where all the brothers lent their backing vocals to the undercurrent of lyrics that complemented Katie’s passionate delivery.

Later came “Bleachers”, meant for Katie’s little sister, providing words of encouragement and hope.

The penultimate, of their nine-song set, was”Joshua”, a slow song of lost love, and the long silent denial before healing can begin. Katie added that “if you have a Joshua in your life, let’s sway together.”

They ended with “Backstroke”, where Charlie tapped an electronic percussion pad in time and Katie’s yearning refrain of “keep waiting, waiting for you” did indeed get the whole crowd swaying.

Next the satisfied concert goers would get an energetic set from Tokyo Police Club, touring for their fourth full album TPC (and for whom DC9 may be a tad small). The club was so full after Dizzy ended glowingly, that the band members needed a bit of grace from the crowd to exit with their gear.

I hope they sold all their copies of Baby Teeth at the merch table, since we experienced all but two of the songs from the album. But more importantly, I hope they get their own headlining gig next time through DC.

Stars and Moons
Pretty Thing
Ghost Limbs

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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