Bummers and Big Deals (2/8/19)

La Cosecha Interior
La Cosecha is coming soon! (Photo Credit: Gensler)

Some cool things, but also a few that suck.

Big Deals

The Black Cat’s Red Room re-opens on February 8th! They vacated the space downstairs (sad), and moved the Red Room up to the second floor.

Streets Market & Cafe is open in NoMa. Verified open, the bar with huge TVs looks interesting, and I’m curious to go back to check out the restaurant on the second floor. (Eater DC)

Arc.The Hotel is now open in Foggy Bottom. Verified open, it looks like a great new boutique hotel. (Website)

La Cosecha (The Harvest) Latin Market will open this June in the Union Market District. This is one place I’m really looking forward to, with Mexican (Amparo), Bolivian (Ali Pacha), and Venezuelan (White Envelope Arepa + Ceviche Bar) restaurants, among other shops. (Website)

D.C. United’s season is almost here. The home opener is March 3rd. (Sports Pick)

The Oscars will be held on Sunday, February 24th, and without a host for the first time in a long time. I predict Roma wins Best Picture.


WTF, NFL? The Patriots won again and man am I bored with this crap.

Star & Shamrock is closing on February 19th. Shit! On the plus side, Bullfrog Bagels will take over the whole space. (Popville)

Garrison closes on Barracks Row. A place I always meant to visit. I have to be quicker with these things. (Eater DC)

Don’t take your backpack to a Nationals game this season. You won’t get in with their new bag policy. (Policy)

The Saturday flea market next to Eastern Market (7th Street SE) may be at risk. (Capitol Hill Corner)

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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