Drink This: New Breweries @ Snallygaster (10/13/18)


There are going to be some absolutely fantastic breweries making there Snallygaster debut this Saturday. In fact, there will be 31 breweries appearing for the first time at Snallygaster.

Using the brewery rating from Untappd.com, two of the top three breweries hale from Vermont. The Alchemist (4.39 of 5) and Lawson’s Finest Liquids (4.27) are both world-renowned breweries pouring at Snallygaster for the first time. Definitely get yourself some Heady Topper, Focal Banger and Sip of Sunshine if you haven’t had them before (they’re delicious). The second most highly rated is Equilibrium (4.28) from Middleton, NY. They are known for their IPAs and they’ll be pouring three of them on Saturday. The next three breweries making their debut sent their beer all way from California. The Rare Barrel (4.25) and Horus Aged Ales (4.25) will be both pouring sours and Monkish (4.24) will have a couple of hazy IPAs.

Two breweries you may not have heard of, but are within about an hour drive of DC are Red Dragon (4.24) from Fredericksburg, VA and Goonda (4.15) Baltimore, MD. I’ll be honest, I’d not heard of Goonda until I started preparing for Saturday, but now I can’t wait to try their beers. In August I stopped by Red Dragon and I was not disappointed. They were out of fruited sours, but they consistently get insane ratings on Untappd around 4.5. This Saturday, they will be pouring the passion fruit and mixed berries sour of Imperial Thug Passion. Be sure to get some.

There are five breweries left I want to highlight. Late last year, I did a cross-country road trip and we went several hours out of our way to visit Toppling Goliath (4.16) in Decorah, IA (very far NE corner of Iowa) and they did not disappoint. Fantastic beers and fantastic people. Their King Sue Double IPA is sublime, but if you haven’t had Psuedo Sue, get it. It’s the best pale ale I’ve had. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to visit or drink much of Great Notion (4.2) beer from Portland, OR; but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it from friends and online. Finally, we have two breweries from Nashville, TN in Bearded Iris (4.13) and Southern Grist (4.09). Both are bringing four beers each in a variety of styles.

These are just a few of the new exciting breweries that will be participating this Saturday, 10/13, in Snallygaster.

Click here to buy tickets and for more details.

Check back later this week for a preview of the 400+ beers that will be available at Snallygaster.

Author: Jeff Lucas

I like craft beers, a lot. So far I've had over 4,600 different beers and have been to 126 breweries in 27 states plus DC. Always looking to try something new, except when it is from the Bud Light "____ ____ rita" family. Follow my adventures in craft beer on Untappd at https://untappd.com/user/jephilip

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