Do This: Quick Day Trip to Dirt Farm Brewing

The beautiful view from Dirt Farm Brewing (Photo Credit: Jeff Lucas)

It’s not often I get to a brewery and immediately say, “what an amazing view!” But that is what happened when I visited Dirt Farm Brewing recently.

The beers of Dirt Farm
(Photo Credit: Jeff Lucas)

In fact, I’ve only said that twice before out of the 130+ breweries I’ve visited (Fremont Brewing in Seattle, WA with a view of the Ship Canal and Cascade Mountains, and Blue Mountain Brewery of Afton, VA nestled in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains). From Dirt Farm’s large deck, there’s a gorgeous 30+ mile view of the rolling Virginia hills. We could even see the taller buildings in Tyson’s Corner!

Dirt Farm Brewing is located in the Bluemont, VA area, that is home to several wineries. The drive isn’t bad at all at just over an hour from DC. We were out there recently for a friend’s birthday party and it is well worth the drive. As mentioned above, there is a grand outdoor deck, but there are also rolling grassy fields for kids to run around, and some fire pits for chilly spring and fall days. The staff was exceedingly polite and even gave us regular updates on the Capitals playoff game.

As for the beer, it was good. Flights of four beer tasters are available for $12 and there were 11 beers available the day we were there. We all agreed that the Double Axe Handle Imperial Stout and 2017 Bourbon Barrel Barleywine were fantastic. Personally, I loved the Coffee IPA as did one other in our group, but it wasn’t the right cup of tea for the others. There were also crowlers and growlers available to go.

There is food for purchase available there and no outside food or beverages is allowed. They had a good selection of cheeses and some small plated options available.

Also, be on the lookout for an orange house cat that struts around like it owns the place. The cat likes to be petted until he doesn’t, and then he’ll scratch you good. He’ll also steal your cheese if you turn away for just a second.

This would be an ideal trip on one of those hot and sticky DC summer days. Get some cooler mountain air and some good brews.

Dirt Farm Brewing is open from 12-9 pm on Fridays and 12-7 pm all other days from April-October.

Jeff, the cat, and the cat eating our cheese (Photo Credit: Jeff Lucas)

Author: Jeff Lucas

I like craft beers, a lot. So far I've had over 4,600 different beers and have been to 126 breweries in 27 states plus DC. Always looking to try something new, except when it is from the Bud Light "____ ____ rita" family. Follow my adventures in craft beer on Untappd at

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