Do This: American Craft Beer Week (5/14-5/20/18)

American Craft Beer Week
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Did you know there are over 6,000 breweries in the US? Holy cow, how much time do you have for beer?

Well, SAVE THE DATES, because you have at least one week to focus all your attention on beer. 2018’s version of the American Craft Beer Week, held in participating venues across the country, takes place from May 14-20.

You will have amble time to prepare for your quest to try all the beer styles.

Events in DC have yet to be announced, but bookmark the American Craft Beer Week site and check back. Until then, here is a handy Brewery Finder to help find all 6,000 breweries.

About American Craft Beer Week: Small and independent craft brewers have made America’s beer culture the richest in the world – in flavor, in hops and in spirit! Celebrate those whose imagination and drive for independence have turned beer upside down, with weeklong events showcasing all things grain, hop, yeast and water. American Craft Beer Week gives seasoned beer lovers and anyone curious about craft beer the chance to discover more and support their local breweries and beer businesses.

App Plug: If you haven’t yet started using Untappd, you can check-in and track the beers you drank, stay connected with what your friends are drinking, as well as find great new beers and beer-centric venues near you.

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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