Concert Pick: Alex Cameron @ Songbyrd Music House (10/2/17)

Alex Cameron (Photo from FB @ALKCM)

Alex Cameron, the literate and meticulous songwriter of the downtrodden, is coming to DC on Monday, October 2nd!

Cameron is currently touring in support of his second album, Forced Witness, released September 8th.

This new album continues the trajectory first set on Cameron’s first album, Jumping The Shark. That album told the stories of losers and the beaten down, almost each one unaware of their standing, or how far up they need to travel to get to where they think they belong. Forced Witness takes the same template but imbues the characters with a self-awareness that makes each one all the more transfixing.

Saxophonist and collaborator Roy Molloy plays a greater role on this album. Here’s to hoping he does the same on stage.

The songs are in turn funny, dark, touching, and tragic. Like with “Stranger’s Kiss”, a break-up duet with Angel Olson, that includes lines like “I got shat on by an eagle, baby/Now I’m king of the neighborhood” and “I know you’re wondering why you wish you were dead/And there’s no solace in the fact that it’s all in your head”.

Advance tickets are $13. Get them here.

Doors open at Songbyrd Music House at 7pm, show starts at 8pm. Baby Bry Bry and Jack Ladder are the opening acts.

Author: Mathew Harkins

A writer and editor in Washington, DC.

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