Eat This: Smash Burger @ The Salt Line

Smash Burger
Smash Burger @ Salt Line

When the server set the burger down in front of me and said “This is the best burger this side of the city”, I thought…

…that’s bold. My next thought was to ask what he meant by ‘this side’. West vs. East? North vs. South? SE quadrant vs. all others? But he was gone before I had a chance.

After having walked by The Salt Line numerous times, I finally took the chance to sit down for a meal. I like seafood, but wasn’t in the mood so ordered the New England Smash Burger and after that remark, I was feeling better about my choice. (Only a few days later the Washingtonian featured it as the best new burger in DC!)

It was indeed very good, with double patties, loaded with melted American cheese, topped with tomatoes, pickles, lettuce and a nice dollop of mayo. The reason it’s called a ‘smash’ burger is they smash down the thin patties on the griddle and cook each side briefly. This style of preparation is similar to the burgers I grew up loving in Seattle – aka the Dick’s Deluxe at Dick’s Drive-In. The toppings for Dick’s are different (think closer to the burger at Le Diplomante) but it works just as well.

With Bardo and a pair of sand volleyball courts around the corner, Nationals Park looming in the background, a perfect view of the Anacostia River, and new additions to the Dacha Beer Garden and All Purpose Pizzeria families on the way, this area is looking to only get better and better.

Is it the best burger on this side of DC? It doesn’t matter, I’ll eat it again and again!

The Salt Line (79 Potomac Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003)

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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