Bummers and Big Deals (5/26/17)

Big Deal: Farmbird opens June 5th.

Some cool things, but also a few that suck.

Big Deals

The Nationals are sitting pretty in 1st place by 7.5 games! Bryce Harper is well on his way to a second MVP. Hope is high with this team.

Farmbird, a fast casual chicken place on H Street NE, opens on June 5th! (625 H Street NE) (Eater DC)

Anxo Cidery and Tasting Room opens on May 27th! Need to add this to my brewery hike list. The space looks nice. (711 Kennedy Street NW)

Salt Line (Navy Yard) opens June 1st! Seafood and Lobster Rolls! (79 Potomac Avenue SE) (Eater DC)

Hey, your DC Breeze ultimate frisbee team is also in 1st place at 4-2. Come watch them play on June 4th against the New York Empire.

Outdoor Summer Movie season is kicking off at Capitol Riverfront (Canal Park), NoMa (Storey Park) and many more.



All major sports teams (besides the Nationals). Boo to the Capitals for losing in the Conference Semifinals’ (Round 2) Game 7 to the hated Pittsburgh Penguins again. Now I hate hockey. Congrats to the Wizards for making it as far as they did, but boo for also losing in the Conference Semifinals’ Game 7 to the Boston Celtics. What could have been.

Chick-fil-A’s opening in the NE is delayed, now set to open on June 1st! (1401 Maryland Ave NE).

Author: Jeremy Bailey

Writer and editor living in Washington, D.C.

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