Eat This: Curry Katsudon @ Donburi

Curry katsudon
Curry Katsudon @ Donburi

I’m a sucker for good katsudon, but I’ve not really made a point of trying it outside of Japan or the Seattle area where I grew up.

A friend once described katsudon as simply ‘meat on rice’. The origin of the name is from ‘tonkatsu’ (pork cutlet) and ‘donburi’ (rice bowl).

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Concert Pick: The Wild Reeds @ Rock and Roll Hotel (4/28/17)

The Wild Reeds
The Wild Reeds (Photo Credit: Band’s Facebook)

The Wild Reeds, a band with hints of rock and folk and country, come all the way from Los Angeles to play for us at the Rock and Roll Hotel on Friday, April 28th. Why not join them?

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Do This: Filmfest DC (4/20-4/30/17)

Image from Last Man in Aleppo
Filmfest DC: Last Man in Aleppo (Photo courtesy of Cinetic Media)

Since 1987, Filmfest DC has been introducing DC to feature-length and short films from all over the world in most of the genres imaginable. 31 years and over 1000 films.

This year, Filmfest DC will offer over 70 movies and events in various venues and theaters around DC. Find the full list and times here.

Here are three movies that look interesting to me:

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Deciphering DC: Capitol Stones

Capitol Stones
Capitol Stones @ Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park is big enough where you can hike around it dozens of times and still find new spots and trails yet discovered by you.

One such spot is the resting place of the Capitol Stones, and it took me over 10 years living in DC before I heard about it.

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Eat This: The Hot Mess @ Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. (Union Market)

The Hot Mess
The Hot Mess @ Mason Dixie

Just add their sausage gravy to the traditional Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit and presto! you have a hot mess on your hands.

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Concert Pick: Little Hurricane @ Songbyrd Music House (4/12/17)

Little Hurricane
Little Hurricane (Photo Credit: Band’s Facebook)

Little Hurricane, a blues rock duo from San Diego, descends on Songbyrd Music House on Wednesday, April 12th. And you should be there.

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