Concert Review: Alex Cameron @ Songbyrd Music House (10/2/17)

Alex Cameron @ Songbyrd Music House

DC’s Songbyrd is the right venue for certain artists at certain points in their careers. Alex Cameron was that artist at that point on Monday night. Ascendant; playing to a packed room of people who knew the words to the hits and the anti-hits, songs from the new album and the old; and who were in thrall to his dance moves, his character-based glare, and his and Roy’s “pretty mean posse”.

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Concert Review: Mandolin Orange @ 9:30 Club (9/27/17)

Mandolin Orange
Mandolin Orange (Photo from FB @MandolinOrange)

As we waited in anticipation, instruments sat quietly alone on the backlit 9:30 Club stage. Just the basics for folk artists. A drum set, a cello, three guitars and a banjo.

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Concert Review: Broken Social Scene @ 9:30 Club (9/19/17)

Broken Social Scene
Broken Social Scene @ 9:30 Club on 9/20 (Photo from FB, Photo Credit: jschu83)

When you’ve got it, flaunt it!

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Concert Review: Gordi @ Songbyrd Music House (8/11/17)

Gordi (Photo From FB @music.Gordi)

Gordi, or if you like real names – Sophie Payten, played a heartfelt show for the Songbyrd crowd.

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Concert Review: Wild Rivers @ Songbyrd Music House (7/14/17)

Wild Rivers
Wild Rivers in New York on July 12, 2017 (Photo Credit: FB @wildriversband)

Where were you on Bastille Day? Some people were making beautiful music at the Songbyrd Music House.

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Concert Review: Rooney @ Rock and Roll Hotel (7/8/17)

Rooney (Photo Credit:

After a bit of a hiatus, Rooney is back in fine form – making new music and touring. The Rock and Roll Hotel was ready!

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