Deciphering DC: Presidential Memorials

2017-03-26 15.47.11
Jefferson Memorial (Most Photogenic)

What is the most obscure Presidential Memorial in DC?

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Concert Pick: Wolf Alice @ Rock and Roll Hotel (7/7/17)

Wolf Alice
Wolf Alice (Photo Credit: Band’s Facebook)

The Wolf Alice show on July 7th at the Rock and Roll Hotel didn’t take long to sell out!

Don’t fret (much), you can still mark your calendar for the release of their new album – out in September.

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Festival Pick: Karoondinha Music & Arts Festival @ Centre Hall, PA (7/21-7/23/17)

Karoondinha Music & Arts Festival
(Photo Credit: Facebook)

(Editor’s note: This festival will not take place on July 21-23 and has been postponed; further details as they are released.)

A new music and arts festival, a mere 4-hour drive from DC, is coming in July. The Karoondinha Music & Arts Festival in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania will offer over 80 bands over three days.

Bonus! There is a cave to explore and lots of wildlife (the non-human kind).

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Deciphering DC: Lincoln Memorial Likes US States

Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial at sunset

Have you ever peered at the imposing Lincoln Memorial and wondered why the names of certain states are carved along the outside facade? Or when you step back further and crane your neck, why there are even more states displayed along the very top section (the attic)? Or wondered if the number of columns actually had any significance?

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Eat This: Quick Takes on New Restaurant Openings


There has been an epic spat of new restaurant openings in recent weeks, from fast food to fast casual to sit-down. Many of these places are near my home, so I could easily check out a few. Here are a few quick takes.

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Concert Pick: Rooney @ Rock and Roll Hotel (7/8/17)

Rooney (Photo Credit:

Rooney, originally formed in Los Angeles in 1999, comes to the Rock and Roll Hotel on Saturday, July 8th.

There are plenty of reasons to check this show out!

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